Decisions are made by those who show up.


There are literally no proven or convicted instances of anyone producing a false ID to actually vote, but republicans have to make sure it will not happen in the future. So the Republican held legislatures pass laws to make everyone produce a government issued voter ID with a picture.

Just a few years ago these same Republicans were rampaging against government IDs! The story here is not so much what they are doing, we all know what they are doing, but getting caught bragging about how these laws will help Mitt Romney and Republicans. It’s another of many dishonest processes that they can semantically play to their advantage, AND GET AWAY WITH. Well to the choir anyway. But even the choir knows this is nothing other than keeping Blacks, Hispanics, the young and the poor elderly from voting, all of whom tend toward Democrats. It suppressed the vote by an estimated 2 to 5 million this past November.


Comments on: "Voting Fraud – A Republican Grab" (1)

  1. cherylplumlee83 said:

    Have you seen the latest on Obama? – It’s hilarious and mind blowing, I don’t think he’ll survive it :-


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